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Patrick Jordan
Author: ICD-999
Vaccine Induced Diseases


This work is a compilation of a lifelong voyage and endless hours of research driven by personal pain and illness, followed by clinical experience helping others while looking beyond the seemingly endless list of 2,500 or so symptoms. These symptoms affected not only myself but those closest to me, as well as almost everyone in the industrialized world. The simple question always being: “But why?”

Coming from a typical middle class farming community in the upper Midwest, no one questioned how children were raised. Nor was there much opportunity to see or compare ourselves with the rest of the world. Illnesses were just a part of life that folks accepted and went to the doctor for. There was no concept of heredity or other causative factors for illness; there was just the doc and his fix.

From an early age, along with my own problems, I was surrounded with the sickness and maladies of others. Almost everyone in my community was suffering symptoms of one sort or another. Rashes, overweight, allergies, bowel trouble, acne, and menstrual problems were commonplace. Then there were those with more serious and chronic issues like cancer and diabetes, heart trouble, and depression.

My older half sister went through two kidney transplants and eventual decline to death. My father had an escalating overweight problem with massive sugar addiction cravings, emphysema, and cancer, all the while on an emotional roller coaster. My older half brother and his family were ravaged with health issues including cancer, emotional chaos, joint replacements, and digestive disorders.

My own life was misery; I suffered from 75 allergies along with asthma, chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia. I was overweight as well, had extreme eczema, and my eyesight was failing.

After living with illness for over 20 years, my father’s constant empowering words finally began to have an impact. Dad drilled into my head over and over throughout my formative years, “Son, you can do and you can learn anything and everything you want to.”

When I reached an age of personal empowerment (thus taking responsibility for myself and my health), it occurred to me that I was in a downward cycle of illness and drug treatment was providing no real benefit. My father’s words inspired me to venture out of conventional allopathic healthcare and research alternative, more natural solutions. A close friend, Pat K, first introduced me to wild herbs as a natural remedy.

Learning and understanding practical uses of wild herbs and natural remedies gave me enough relief from those years of illness to set my path to recovery, and to a unique educational experience.

On that path came the opportunity to cross paths, absorb knowledge from, and interact with cultures and people from all corners of the planet, and to form a world view much greater than that of my upper Midwest childhood.

Using herbs and natural remedies brought much greater relief than the doctor’s pharmaceutical allopathic medicine. However, these were all remedies for relieving symptoms and had to be continually taken or used or the symptoms would return. This awareness uncovered for me a concept of symptom relief. Relief from symptoms is not a cure and, following reason, there must be an underlying cause for the symptoms to occur in the first place.

My Virgo nature sent me on a quest to discover not only the source of all this disease, but to answer the question, “why”. Why society, as a whole, continued toward self destruction, doing things the same ways over and over, somehow expecting different results.

What arose in my awareness was first, the unquestioning trust that people had in the industries themselves. People have a mind set of complete trust in the wonders of doctors and medicines, science, research, and the trend toward convenience and technological improvements. This mindset is so strong, so deep, that it doubts almost nothing said by the doctor, the media, the government, the powers that be. These beliefs are so strong that people have learned to be satisfied with answers based in mere symptom relief.

On the other, darker side of this implicit trust I observed self-serving, commodity based corporate entities employing technologies that literally create symptoms and instill fear into an already over stressed public.

Looking for the actual root causes of my own health challenges, and later working with others in my clinic, revealed that in almost every case there is an underlying cause that can be traced to either a GI tract or an electrical imbalance. In Chapter 10, “Dietary Parameters of Workability”, you will find what has developed as a very simple and easy understanding: how our body’s ability to maintain our life force, stay healthy and vibrant, and nourish our animation comes from our diet and our connection with nature.

Gone are the days when the whole family participated in raising, handling, processing, preparing, and being part of, the whole food chain. Sadly missed are the simple pleasures of living with the natural balance of the rhythms of nature. While it is probably unreasonable in our modern lifestyle for more than the few native and grass roots cultures (those who still hold fast to what works in tandem with nature in the face of industrialized convenience), to actually live this natural life, it is possible to manage good health in an industrialized world.

For most people in the industrialized world, food has come to be something we simply eat when we are hungry. The food chain has become industrialized in order to serve the demand for convenience, convenience at the cost of real nourishment, convenience that misses vital and critical elements for health.

One of the elements of my unique educational process has been the serendipitous events of my life, which gave me firsthand experience of the massive changes in the food industry. Life took me from a simple farm family through the onslaught of the industrial takeover of small farming and the transition to careless, greedy, artificial mass production of plants and animals.

Transporting crops and animals during these changes afforded me the ability to see behind the scenes in the food factories and in the shipping methods. These experiences provided invaluable firsthand experience, confirming (and in some cases exposing) many both unconscious and intentional practices that severely affect the quality of food and health.

Searching this new food chain for the missing ingredients that once kept us healthy, we find a huge deficit in a broad spectrum of bio-available minerals and microorganisms. Minerals are necessary building blocks in which all of the electrical frequencies needed for vibrant health are carried. Microorganisms are needed to synthesize minerals, vitamins, and amino acids from our food to our bodies, while protecting and enhancing our immunity.

The new science and its new understandings have served to clarify and verify my views of the body and health. Dr Dawson Church, PhD, author of, Genie in Your Genes, explains the components of the body’s electrical system as comprising the DNA in our genes, the rod and cone cells at the back of our eyes, the myelin sheath of our nerve cells, the collagen molecules that make up all our connective tissues, our muscle tissues, and the phospholipids of all cell membranes. All of these electrical components are built and maintained through the ingestion of mostly animal proteins.

In gratitude for my life’s path, which has taken me from personal illness, to vibrant health, to the personal empowerment that comes from making a difference for others, I humbly share what I have learned and come to know as truth: the current trends in food and health are not working and, in fact, are failing at an escalating rate.

Furthermore, life will continue on its current path of decline until these deficits are recognized and corrected. The concepts and information that are being shared in this material can change that.

It is my intention and hope that you will come to understand for yourself that your good health is a matter of your own choices. Your health should not be left to practitioners and institutions who misguide with symptom relief only, whose primary concern is their own corporate expansion and development. The information herein exposes (enough for you to see) the imbalances created by depleted soils, toxic environments, and processed, empty foods. It exposes the rampant disinformation from our supposed experts in these fields.

Ultimately, the answers I have found and offer here for your discovery point to a systemic condition in all of life. Our return to vibrant living requires the same approach to the same imbalance that is caused by the same degradation that is in all living systems on the planet: as above, so below and as within, so without. In order to succeed in returning health to our ill environment, we only have to look within.

E. Wil Spencer


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