Why Our Bodies Need Minerals

While Vibrant Health is the remedy for all disease, it could be said that mineral depletion is the root of all disease. Minerals carry out the electrical transfer of energy required for all bodily functions, as they are the catalysts for electrolysis and metabolism. Along with amino acids, minerals are the building blocks of our biology. They are key to our natural chelation and assimilation processes. Nothing happens in the human body without minerals. How well it happens depends upon a few other things and is very much relative to the number and saturation of the broad spectrum of minerals our bodies require.

Minerals are needed in very small amounts and each one has a particular vibratory signature that resonates with its particular function within the body. Many minerals perform in conjunction with combinations of other minerals to execute their function. The functions of all of the over 60 minerals needed in the body are not well understood and mineral deficiencies often go unrecognized and mistreated. Having a broad spectrum of minerals in our biology maintains a lower Ph which protects us from viral and bacterial infection.

According to nature’s design, minerals should be provided in the foods we eat, but, due to industrialization there are less than 20 available minerals in the food chain today whether it is conventional or organic food. Since the human body requires at least 60 minerals for optimum health, supplementation is absolutely necessary.

Human beings cannot eat ground up rock or metals or shells, which is where our minerals do come from. In nature they are taken up by plant roots in the soils through a symbiotic relationship with microorganisms that do have the ability to eat rocks and metals. There are so few minerals available to the plants in the soils today because the microorganisms have been nearly completely annihilated. So, in order to benefit us, our mineral supplement needs to come from biologically available plant sources that carry a natural electrical charge recognizable to the body’s electrical system.

In our Body Electrician clinic, we recommend minerals which are hot water extracted from prehistoric plant deposits, making them colloidal, and they contain over 70 different minerals, providing the necessary broad spectrum.


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