Water – We Are What We Drink

You could say that we live in a bubble when you consider that we are really a mass of bubbles called cells filled with fluid crystal minerals in which flows light and information in a continuous stream of life force.

Living in a bubble means we are what we drink and if we want crystal clear bubbles we need to pay close attention to the quality of our liquid consumption.

Hydrating the bubbles is more than a matter of pouring in enough water to keep them wet. A vast majority of the water consumed today is filtered bottled water which does not hydrate the bubbles, it basically rinses them, washing away the mucosa lining and leaching precious minerals on its way out through the kidneys. If you need to urinate 15-20 minutes after taking a drink, you haven’t hydrated, you have rinsed.

Filtration and pumping strengthens the surface tension of the water molecule making it too stiff and thick to penetrate the cellular tissues, causing the water to pass right through for elimination. Drinking 8-10 glasses of filtered or distilled water daily strips and robs the body of already minimal nutrients and hydrates inefficiently. It simply floods the system to such an extent that some of the water loses its tension and is able to penetrate the tissues of the cell walls during the wash.

In times of old water was pure, full of minerals, electrically and biologically alive and available. Today water lacks these healthful elements and is instead polluted with chemicals and pathogens.

City water is treated with chlorine, fluoride, ammonia and some chemical combinations of these. Older pipes release heavy metals and can contain pathogenic mold, mildew, bacteria and fungus growths. These are obvious unhealthful contaminants and should not be used for drinking or cooking.

Filtering city water will remove chlorine, ammonia and pathogens. However, the only sure method for removing fluoride is reverse osmosis which then requires water treatment for purposes of hydration and mineralization.

Fluoride is a neurotoxin with no substantiated evidence of benefit for teeth. Historically, fluoride has been used to subdue populations into apathy and even to docility and depression as in the Nazi concentration camps. Fluoride should never be considered for any human application except where naturally occurring in its mineral form.
Chlorine is also a harmful additive while it is an important mineral in its natural state.

In the Body Electrician clinic we provide natural agents to mineralize water and release the surface tension. In this way hydration is accomplished far more efficiently with significantly lower consumption conserving precious tissue mucosa and minerals.


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