I just wanted to post an update about the progress my family has made with Dr. Wil Spencer’s protocol since we started 6 months ago. As background, I have been in the holistic health world for the past 7 years after my 3 children became sick from vaccines and Lyme disease. My husband and I also became severely sick when our well water became contaminated with the local river water, which also caused my children to become even more seriously ill. Over the past 7 years, I have used many protocols independently, and been to numerous holistic and natural health practitioners around the country to recover us from this severe sickness, which included countless symptoms. While my children had made much improvement over this time, my daughter still had constant nausea and car sickness and food sensitivities, and I knew she needed significant work on her gut. My boys were doing much better but still had some digestion issues. My husband still was dealing with insonmia and I had constant weakness and internal vibrating in my spine, as well as some numbness and insomnia.

I knew we had to do significant work on restoring the gut, which would help the immune system. But it was overwhelming trying to figure out which colostrum/enzymes/probiotics and antimicrobials to use. I used to travel to practitioners who used the electrodermal screening or bioresonance machines (similar technology to Dr. Wil’s zyto hand scan) with bags of supplements to try to test each one to find out the best individual protocols for each of us. So when I looked into Wil’s protocols I was so excited to see that his product line included all of the products that had helped us in the past, along with many more that I had been looking into using or had read about. And I was even more excited to see that his scanning technology incorporated these products so that the scan would determine the appropriate individual protocol for each family member!

Regarding diet, the introduction of raw milk and cheese was wonderful for my family after being dairy free for the past 5 years. And I had been looking to eliminate grains (we were already gluten free) but it would have been much harder without the addition of the raw dairy to help fill up my growing kids.

I have made significant progress on Wil’s protocol. I am sleeping better, have a clearer mind, a better mood and my nervous system is healing. The internal vibrating has slowly disappeared over the past 6 months. I did have increased joint pain and stiffness the first couple of months but that is now minimal. I still have a way to go but I feel that I am finally going to recover my health completely.

My children have all made progress on the protocol and continue to get better and better. While my boys were playing high level sports and doing very well in school before we started with Wil, they have continued to make subtle improvements in mood and behavior and energy. For example, this past parent/teacher conference at the school last week with their teachers was one of the happiest days I have had in a long time. The teachers told us that both of our boys were role models for their peers. They are kind, smart, athletic and focused. Considering that at one time, they used to be seriously unfocused and unable to play sports (and far from role models), this was wonderful to hear. I feel that Wil’s protocol is helping them to become the best they can be.

My daughter’s nausea finally cleared after 4 months on the protocol. She had more healing to do than her brothers, so it took longer but she continues to do better and better each month. She has more energy and is able to play sports again. She continues to excel in school and is more calm and happy than ever before. Lastly, my husband’s sleep has significantly improved, as has his energy.

I look forward to continuing our path towards Vibrant Health. Thank you so much Wil and Delanne for helping us get there!!


Wil, my favorite doctor, thank you for your help ! ! !

This is very exciting, I had 4 days that I could, dress, cook, clean up and clean dog’s ears.  My energy level went up to 4 of 10, wonderful signs.

Expelled 100 or so liver stones no more liver pain.

No kidney pain

No more burning lungs

Upper right gums healed, 2 loose teeth tight.

Another two week healing on the left lower jaw, no more swelling or blister in gums

1/2 day sore throat healed

Other physical pain or discomfort that is waiting to be healed.

Sleep depravation because of urinating 4-6 times a night  from 10 pm to 5am

Muscle weakness, severe, 3 of 10

Not holding urine when I have to urinate

Limited walking – 10 feet easily, then I have to stop for a rest and walk again.

2-3 daily 60-120 minute naps

All over body pain in touching body. 8 of 10 highest

I am not sure whether the healings below are from your program or TV’s Classical Stretch program, exercising 620 muscles for 60 days of 25 minute sessions or both.

Full body, from head to toes getting soooooooo limber. 5 of 10

3 center toes on both feet are no longer numb.

Restoring balance 8 of 10


I have been doing deep breathing exercises for 4 months, lung capasity increased 50 %

The Confidence Gap

Thank you . . . Wil, I had to change from using Maple leaves to fig leaves and now I am using banana leaves. 🙂

The breathing has brought me tranquility. I do this daily 2-3 x’s about 10 minutes.

I am moving slowing through the exercises. It is worth the time to receive the harvest of transformation.

Psych K

This is amazing . . . a new thought flowed through my head.  It was saying “I like being thin”. I was so surprised and enjoy every minute of it.  Thank you for working with me on my road to freedom.

You have such a wonderful heart.  I have never met anyone who gives so much. Thank you for who you are and being someone that statues are erected to.  H-m-m-m, where can I erect your statue? ? ? Bless you!  ! !

Fondly, to your health and prosperity,



I have had several broken bones, eye surgery, head trauma. Delayed digestive system, acid reflux. Brain stem damage from an auto accident. Have had 2 strokes. I have MS, severe migraine headaches. It was painful to breathe and swallow. I have broken vertebras from an auto accident. In 2014 the law changed and I could not receive pain killers as I had been
on. I heard of Dr Wil and Delanne of body Electrician. They did a hand scan which was more accurate than any test I have had before. The hand scan is very simple. Since I started the herbs I got my speech back. I can breathe deep now. I have no acid reflux. I can’t swallow pills but I can eat and swallow food without it coming out my nose. My delayed digestive system is normal now. My chronic headaches are few and far between. My pain is dull and tolerable. Not
sharp and debilitating. I feel life and recovery. I feel the recommendation of Dr Wil literally saved my life.
Blessed, Rick


Six years ago, I had headaches and allergies that would keep me in bed all weekend. I wouldn’t sleep all night, and had a constant throbbing in my head and circles under my eyes. I tried ice on my eyes and head, also the back of my neck. I tried using Excedrin migraine tablets, allergy pills just everything imaginable but nothing worked.

Then I got my first scan and without explaining to Dr. Wil where I had pain on my head, he pin pointed the exact spots I would experience throbbing pain. So I started the regimen that came up on my scan and changed my diet. The headaches lessened and after about six months they completely subsided.

It is now five and a half years later since my last headache. No sleepless nights and no wasted days since that scan. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to not experience the pain I lived with on a weekly/monthly basis. All I can say is thank you Dr. Wil and Delanne!

Forever Grateful, LSD


Coming across your website years ago I was suicidal, desperate and in so much pain, mentally, emotionally and physically. I had no idea that that one phone call would change the course of my life!!!  You have given me my life back. The vibrant strong person i was years ago is resurfacing and it feels so good!!!  Once a slave to western medicine, I am no longer, nor my beautiful children who also struggled. My children who have so benefited from your work and your products. They now have their mom back, the mom that they deserve. We are rebuilding the damage done by the “medical profession” with your help!!.. I am off of all the medications that “doctors” claimed would save me from the many symptoms that you have helped me heal!!
Your generosity and your guidance and support have given me more hope and strength that I could ever put into words! You have given me my life back Wil. And your and Delanne’s help and friendship and encouragement will forever, truly be one of the greatest gifts of my life. You came into my life at a time when I had lost all hope and you helped me get out of my own way. As I am writing this, tears are streaming down my face. I cry grateful tears today Wil, thanks to you!!! May this be a reminder for you today! You and Delanne have helped me save myself and my family! I can’t think of a greater gift! I will be forever grateful!! I hope today that reminds you of the goodness in your heart!!!
Much love,


I recently received a re-set from Wil Spencer and am delighted with his work. For years I have had pain in both hips. I attributed it to childhood trauma and later to a degenerative disc in my lower spine. Being in the healing field myself I have approached this problem holistically and always enter into a dialogue with pain or illness, and then follow up with the emotional release work that my body requires. For this chronic problem I have had acupuncture, energy work, chiropractic, and allopathic medical processes. Sometimes the pain would ease up, but it wouldn’t hold. Wil gave me one re-set session and I have had no hip pain since. I actually felt that Wil was able to remove the cellular memory of childhood trauma that my hips carried for me. The treatment was in early June of this year and I have enjoyed the freedom of movement despite that much of my time for this past month was spent in our family vehicle.

I found Wil comfortable to be with, and his honesty impressed me. His abilities are multi-level, and I recommend a re-set session with Wil. Whether you choose to be educated and/or have a re-set, you won’t be disappointed.
S. Mir’iam Connelly, Mountain Home, Arkansas


I just realized it’s been exactly six months since my first hand scan. I am so glad that I was led to you guys! Today I found myself singing in a changing room and I realized that I have been changing on many levels in a process that got a major kick in the pants when I stumbled on your podcasts on WSR. Just wanted to thank you again for all the help and healing you’ve been a huge part of. With much love!



My re-set was a very positive experience in many ways. I have experienced some significant healing from chronic lower back pain. It happened the day after my re-set session, and I will never forget it, I turned over in bed and I felt everything shift back into place. It was quite extraordinary. I had been to the chiropractor and also had had several rolfing sessions with no success. I’ve had at least a year of pain and suddenly it’s gone. The Lupus I suffer from is mild, and I feel more energy now. While I am usually exhausted and useless by the dinner hour, I’m finding that I am much more productive in the evening. The supplements and suggested diet have definitely helped.
Julie F, West Virginia


Before I met Wil I was going to the doctor at least a couple of times a month for ailments such as colds, flu, allergies, and general fatigue. I was put on a lot of antibiotics and oftentimes they did not help at all. I also had noticed a lump in my breast. I have had Wil work on me, and with the help of his diet and circuitry re-set I have not had to go to the doctor or use antibiotics, at all. Also, I now have no lumps in my breast, I am not tired all the time, and my quality of life has improved 100%–– all due to Wil’s nowledge of the human body. His products have made me feel better too, giving me more energy and also a sense of well-being. I think also that my immune system has been built up, specifically because of what Wil has done for me.
Kind Regards, Sue M, Minnesota


For the seminar, I think the roundtable is the way to go… it just seemed to flow nicely, everyone got their questions answered and the topic shifted to the appropriate subject as the group’s focus changed. As for the re-set, at first I felt out of sorts, spacey…then tears of release. After a couple of days I noticed that a pain I had carried in my solar plexus was gone, and anxiety was replaced with calm. I found myself able to be consistent in self-care practices, and my food choices and cravings just naturally became the electrical nutrition diet that had been recommended. I look forward to more benefits as I get on the supplements…and I look forward to my next re-set.
Laura P, PA


Thank you Wil for helping me. When I first contacted you March 2011 I was pretty much housebound. Since drinking the liquid minerals sent me into weekly health crisis’s I started spraying it on my skin and just took a sip at a time internally ‘til I’m up to 1/3 to ¼ cup a day now. Been slow but I’m doing so much better.


I have had heartburn , acid reflux and gerd for years.  I have taken prescription and OTC meds for five years and still would have acid reflux. I also would get nauseated when I would eat. I got to the point where I didn’t want to eat.  I told my medical doctor several times how I was feeling but  no response. In October 2013 I had a hand scan done and spoke to Will about my results. He had a suggested protocol for me and I decided to give it a try.  I was amazed at how much better I felt after a few days of following the protocol and changing my diet. I have only been following the protocol and diet for about three weeks and haven’t had acid reflux , heartburn or gerg. Haven’t felt  this good for five years.  Thank you Will , your protocol has changed my life for the better!


This morning my 4 year old granddaughter Haylee said, “can we call Dr. Wil?” I asked her why and she said she wanted to talk to him. I told her we could send him an email and she agreed. So I said ok what would you like to say and she sent the following message….
“I love Dr. Wil, he is my favorite, favorite friend because my wart is almost gone! He needs to come here so I can hug him.”

You see she had multiple issues going on in her little body partly from vaccine residue as I did not get the chance to get between her and the so called medical professionals until after she was given the infant vaccines in her first year, none since then though. In addition her diet was woefully lacking in nutrition as is true of any child eating as average children do today. Top that off with her pre-school feeding her Honey Buns and chocolate milk for breakfast and then demanding her Mother have her diagnosed with ADHD and having her medicated. Needless to say Grandma is now home schooling but the health issues are being dealt with via Dr. Wil and a whole new protocol for her precious little life.

As a result in just a few short weeks she now tells those who offer her chips, candy, bread, grains etc., “thank you but that’s not good for me”, and she has no problem whatsoever with her new diet. She has dropped five pounds she really needed to drop, is sleeping much better, her behavior is remarkably improved and a large wart on the back of her little hand is nearly gone. So she now says, “Dr. Wil is my best friend and I want to hug him!” So does her grandma!

As for her grandma, thanks to Dr. Wil she is pain free for the first time in 15 years after breaking an ankle nine times, having it reconstructed and 20 years of inflammation and spur growth which is now diminishing right before her eyes! She loves Dr. Wil too!


hi will, i first come across your work 2 yrs ago, this was after i started to reverse ptsd, combat stress, anxiety, stress, depression, hypervigilance, intense feelings of fear, anger, hatred, i was suffering from asthma, arthritis every joint, tinnitus both ears for 30 yrs, sinus problems, breathing probs, basically a mental and physical wreck, narrowly avoided being sectioned, ended up in prison, had just left military after 22yrs, became a plumber/heating engineer, even tried suicide, i needed to know why, i worked things out my way, was dismissed and rejected by all, when i listened to one of your interviews,then researched your work, i was in tears my friend hundreds of tears and a big smile on my face, with lights flashing in my head, i knew then i was not mentally ill and i was right in the way i had approached things, now 2 yrs later most of the above gone, started with chemicals/toxins, then heavy metals 14 of them all way high, then discovered parasites, yeast, fungus, mould, the battle with them still continues, i would like to thank you so much my friend, only had to look into your eyes and the honesty of a genuine person blew me away, you have helped me to put words to the way i think/work things out, thank you


Having been to the Gulf Coast of Florida to see family and friends from June until Oct. 2010, I became very ill within months. Prior to that visit, I was a healthy woman who was walking three miles a day and I was a student of the martial arts. In August I awoke to go for my usual daily walk and when I stood up my feet had lost feeling in them and I hit the floor. From that day my
doctor had me using a cane for support. I grew steadily weaker and sicker as time went on and began seeing by my doctor every three weeks. My blood pressure rose, my nerves were irritated, I became very short of breath, I had headaches all the time and the stomach pain was becoming unbearable.

My health continued to worsen progressively and I ended up in a wheelchair before the end of October. My doctor ordered a chemical work up that showed I had extremely high levels of mercury and chromium as well as some substance(s) that were never
mentioned, only an indication that the results were sent to the Center for Disease Control. I was offered help from a group trying to help the Gulf victims and was sent several detox packages. One package had different items in baggies with no labels. Some bags had what appeared to be human and animal hair. These had to be thrown out due to the unsanitary packaging. There was a list of what the items were, however, I never take anything that is not sealed. I tried the baths as well as the detox pads with no success. I was getting worse and by November my doctor informed me he couldn’t do anything further for me and sent me to see an Internist.

By Dec. 7th, 2010 I was curled up in a ball making my funeral arrangements when I saw the information about the Body Electrician. I researched what was on the site in length before calling Wil. When I called and asked him about his product he was very attuned to what I was dealing with. We talked at length even with his phone beeping non -stop from other callers. I can’t remember how long we talked but it seemed like hours. Wil explained the program and sent a package right out for me knowing that we had a meager income. The package arrived the 12th. I called Wil after reading the booklet and the other information he provided. We talked in length again to be sure I followed along. He called every two hours to check on me and gave a number to reach him in case of an emergency. We continued to communicate every few hours during my recovery. The following week I was out of my wheelchair and off all my meds. I have never been a medicine person, especially working in the medical field, to me, they were poison. I am so thankful to be off my meds. I am eating again. When I placed the call to Wil I wasn’t eating at all. I went days without food and if I tried to eat I would vomit.. I have been out of the house and enjoying my life again. My family is very happy with my outcome and I am thrilled that I made the call to Wil. My 17 year old is happy to see mom back to herself and out of the wheelchair.
RLR, Florida


Wil is a great guy and very knowledgeable. He has given me a much clearer understanding than I once had of the total picture of personal health and well-being. He has helped me to become much healthier, both physically and mentally, by explaining in detail how our bodies function and what makes them work well, and providing lots of information about what foods our bodies need
and what foods cause problems. He is also the first person to explain to me why emotional health is so very important.

We met through a mutual friend. When I first heard Wil’s concepts regarding health, I was immediately aware that everything he was saying related directly to me and my circumstances. I was emotionally distraught, caring for a handicapped daugher, and on the verge of divorce. I seemed to hurt all over and had headaches almost daily. I just wanted to sleep all the time, and no matter how much sleep I got, it wasn’t ever enough. When I found out I had cancer, I became Wil’s client.

Wil worked with me quite regularly at first, energetically and physically, using his Re-Set process. He gave me recommendations for dietary changes, and supplements to take. He also talked to me about my emotional state, and instructed me in meditation. Eventually we became good friends.

Since I began working with Wil, my emotional strength and health have greatly improved. The cancer is gone, with no medical treatment, and physically I feel much healthier and more energetic. I don’t have headaches any more. All of my chronic joint pain is gone. I can get by easily on 6 hours of sleep and not feel fatigued. My skin is healthier and I have lost some weight. The ridges in my fingernails have disappeared and my candida infection is better. I don’t feel depressed, and negative thoughts are few and far between. I guess I am just much happier with me! I wake up each day thankful for the blessings I have and friends like Wil. I want to thank him for all of the help, knowledge, support, and information he has shared with me.
Lorna, Iowa


In May of 2008 I listened to an FCUSA conference call on an interview with Wil Spencer, VMSP. After 30 years of following the alternative path of health food and wholistic health care, I always knew there was still something missing to the overall puzzle. Listening to Wil, I was struck with, “this is the missing piece!” or at least a significant piece of the piece. I made the dietary and supplemental changes he suggested and had a Re-Set session. After the Re-Set I had a sense of being at ease like never before. My inner tension was relieved and I have not been nearly as emotionally over sensitive, as I was in my whole adult life, since having that session. Within 2 months I lost 18 pounds, had increased energy and much better sleep. My cravings for sweets is gone! I am changed.

My father also changed his eating patterns and began a more intensive supplement program than I was on. He was 82 years old, an insulin dependent diabetic with neuropathy and was steroid dependent after years of battling gout and rheumatoid arthritis. Dad lived with constant pain from 4 disintegrated discs in his lower back which prevented him from walking and required his use of a wheelchair. In 6 weeks Dad was completely off of insulin as well as his other diabetes medication. In 3 months he lost 40 pounds, his doctor took him off all other medication and his back pain was reduced to mild discomfort. His gout attacks virtually stopped and he was not suffering daily as he had been. Any improvement would have been a welcome blessing but Dad’s results from the simple changes Wil suggested have been life altering.
-DW Bethlehem, PA


I have just had my third child in 5 years. I am 23 years old and had my first child at 18, becoming pregnant shortly after a stay in rehab for cocaine addiction. My kidneys were severely stressed and that first baby was born very early and underweight. I seizured after delivery and baby spent her first month of life in the neonatal unit. Baby 2 came 3 years later and in the last trimester my blood pressure began to rise steadily. Worried about my kidneys, the doctors scheduled an early induced birth, but the labor began before their intervention. Kidney problems after the birth took a few months to normalize. When I became pregnant the third time I was immediately identified as high risk and monitored constantly. Baby 3 was born 3 weeks ago at this writing, full term, perfectly healthy and there was absolutely no problem. In fact I was full of energy to the day of delivery, my weight gain was perfect and blood pressure stable all the way through.

When I found out I was expecting this third time we immediately spoke with Wil. I got a Re-Set to release trauma stored in cellular memory, which noticeably calmed me right away. I began adjusting my diet and adding the supplements. There was a slight kidney infection in the beginning which the doctor never treated because the supplements allowed my own body to takes care of it. I believe this pregnancy would have followed suit with the other two if not for Wil and his knowledge of what it takes to be a well being. I am still following the program and breast feeding my little girl. She did have a blistery diaper rash the other day, which Wil felt was from my Candida overload still processing out. I gave her LateroFlora on the tip of my finger several times and sprinkled some of the powder right on the rash. Happily, the next day the rash was gone.
-KA, Bangor, PA


After just one day starting the products I already saw improvements in my skin and hair. I started products christmas eve and the best christmas present was waking up to a cleaner and healthier complexion and softer and shiny hair. Amazed and in shock!!!

Have been on my protocol for a week now. With the supplements and adhering to the diet I have already been able to decrease dosage on one of my pulmonary artery hypertension medicines. My body doesn’t feel nearly as inflamed and my next step is gradually reducing my prednisone. I definitely have more energy. The spots I have on my skin from scleroderma are not as red and don’t seem to be so active.


I have suffered chronic sinusitis including several sinus infections each year for over 20 years under near constant doctor’s care including countless rounds of antibiotics and finally steroid injections each month for the last 4+ years. I have had a total of 11 sinus surgeries, one of which removed my frontal (above my eyes) sinus cavities completely. Five years ago they opened my sinus cavities again, and then the chronic sinusitis really got bad. The chronic infections, drainage and severe discomfort continued and my sinuses were plagued with polyps and the steroid shots were very damaging to my health. When I heard Wil Spencer speak on the Freedom Club conference call in April I became interested in finding out if his new approach to health and wellness could make a difference for me. I called Wil and found him very willing to speak with me and make recommendations for dietary changes and supplements. These I followed by going on his basic diet, from the book “Electrical Nutrition”, and adding Latero-Flora and 100+ Probiotic supplements and the AOT therapy to my daily routine. I began to feel better rapidly and within 2 months my doctor pronounced my polyps gone. The sinusitis had also abated so that I did not need my monthly steroid injections. I was elated. Then in another month or so I began to experience a return of the sinus infection symptoms in the upper cavities. I made an appointment with my doctor feeling a bit depressed about my progress, thinking it was time for another round of antibiotics, but I called to check in with Wil before going to see the doctor. Wil suggested the antibiotics would undo much of the provements I have already made and asked me to try another approach first. He gave me a method for using the AOT solution directly into my sinus passages which did indeed resolve the infection and “catching a cold” feeling. One other thing that AOT did was to wipe out a chronic staph infection, from my upper sinus cavities, the last one being MRSA. The AOT killed that in just a few days. Resent blood tests have revealed my body is totally clear of any staph infection or MRSA.
-Roger P. S, MT


In 2000,I was in a car accident that created soft tissue damage in my back. I got severe debilitating headaches because of this and for a number of years took narcotic pain relievers for these headaches. I also contracted Erlichiaosis, which is a tick-borne disease (different from Lyme Disease) for which I took heavy-duty antibiotics. I then developed 2 cracked vertebrae and ended up taking some steroids. I had x-rays taken, and an MRI. One year later I developed what I thought was a bad case of sinus infection and took three different doses of antibiotics. The sinus infection got worse. I turned to homeopathic treatments for the sinus infection. I tried many different herbs and treatments to no avail. After 6 months I was so foggy I had extreme difficulty processing thoughts, no attention span at all, and was so tired I was taking at least 2 naps a day. I grew desperate and went online and realized I had Candida. One of the sympathetic ladies at my local health food store gave me William’s phone number and in a moment of desperation I called him. At this point depression was so severe that thoughts of suicide had escalated to making plans.

My initial impression of William was that he was radical and maybe too radical for me. After giving it some thought and remembering that it takes radical people and ideas to facilitate change, I called him back. During one of our initial conversations he surmised I had had x-rays taken a year prior to the onset of the symptoms of excessive Candida. He was right. It was 11 mos. from the taking of the last x-rays and MRI. I started getting treatment for kinetics from William. He gave suggestions for a restricted diet and I started taking Latera-Flora, a probiotic I purchase from him. The change of diet was difficult and the symptoms seemed to worsen at first. Then I started to notice an increase in my energy level. I remember one time I literally dragged myself to see him barely holding tears at bay as I was feeling so fatigued and miserable. He and I applied a kinetic technology, and we had a very supportive talk as I literally sobbed. After applying the technology, he had me look in the mirror, as the change that came over me was startling. My eyes were sparkling and I virtually bounced out of his office, as I felt so much better.

At one point after I quit taking narcotics for chronic pain and headaches my medical doctor told me that due to the long- term effects of the narcotics my nervous system was rewired as I was complaining of numbness. I feel as if William’s information had a lot to do with turning my electrical system “back on” as I no longer experience the numbness and I feel more vibrantly alive than I have ever felt in my life. At one point I ran out of Latera-Flora for 3 weeks. I bought probiotics from the health food store and the sinusitis symptoms came back. After one week back on the Latera-Flora I was feeling better and the symptoms went away.

This illness gave me an opportunity to look within and gain a level of spirituality I have never had before as well and I am very grateful for that. I now am amazed at how much better I am feeling. I have no depression, I feel vibrant and healthy and am very glad to be alive. Some days my energy level is through the roof while most days it is on a more even keel and very much improved.

I am extremely grateful for William, as I feel his input empowered me to facilitate my body’s ability to heal itself. William has always been available for support dialogue, and has been a huge support for me.

Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.
Lynn D, Minnesota


Nationally Certified Safety Administrator, Col. Steve Hargis, telling the world about the positive health effects provided by Dr. Wil Spencer and Body Electrician products.

I chose to try Dr. Spencer’s products after I chose to take his advice to change my diet and participate in his Body Scan, to diagnose my aliments and medical issues.

Within hours after speaking with Dr. Spencer, my very hard and protruded stomach began to feel relief for the first time in years.  After my Body Scan & following Dr. Spencer’s protocol within 8 months I have, very easily, LOST 65 pounds & I look and feel 15 years younger.
My stomach & body NO longer craves sweets & carbohydrates and my friends cannot believe how I look and how physically active I have become.   I am 56 yrs young.

I figured if Dr. Spencer could help my body, heal itself  I would try other products that he offered.  A  friend was experiencing Septic Tank problems, horrible odor & backing up issues.  I told him about Dr. Spencer’s MICROBES so he decided to try some of his microbes designed to activate/reactivate DEAD inactive septic tanks.  The following is our positive results from NE Oklahoma.

Two weeks ago I applied a qt of Dr. Wil’s MICROBES to a friend’s Septic Tank.  When the lid was removed from the ST the smell was awful and a thick gray crust was visible with NO sign of any type of LIFE. After week one when I removed the ST lid only a faint order was detected and the thick gray crust was GONE.  In its place was a Blackish liquid where I noticed bubbling and action taking place.   We also noticed that the level had dropped approx 4 inches.  The tanks level dropping was surprising, to us, since NE Oklahoma had experienced several inches of rain before & after we applied the MicroSol product to the tank.

When inspecting the ST after week 2 still, no offensive odor and an abundance of bubbling, microbial life/action was quite visible in the blackish liquid and no longer is he worried about the system backing up. The home owner and myself are very pleased with the results.  Not only did this save my friend approx $275.00 it solved several problems which took less than 2 minute to apply.

After experiencing the power of Dr. Spencer’s products I, decided to apply some of his products to several areas, in my pasture, where NOTHING would grow.  After one week new vegetation is visible.  I then applied it to my flowers & garden.  I am a true believer in Sustainable farming practices so I am very particular about what I apply to my garden.  Within 24 hours I noticed NEW growth on my plants & my Amaryllis bulbs, which I had recently repotted, showed NO sign of life.  Within 24 hours after applying Dr. Wil’s plant products, the product that I applied to the pasture, every pot of my Amaryllis’s were sprouting.  After 5 days they are growing like crazy.

Being a safety professional I review and have tried several health and soil/growing products.  I have experienced better health & have seen more “positive” responses, from Dr. Spencer’s products, than from any of the other, very, expensive products that I have tried & used in the past.

I, whole heartily, believe that Dr. Spencer and his staff have, not only saved my life, they have allowed me to gain/re-gain confidence in my appearance, pasture and plants.

God placed us on Earth to be good stewards of the land.  With the advent of chemical and GMO seeds & processed foods we have become TRAGICALLY detached from our original propose.  Sincerely, Col. S. Hargis