Psych-K: Session Explained


Many subconscious beliefs are held in the body mind memory. When they are not in agreement with conscious, chosen beliefs, the body suffers conflict. Psyche K™ offers a simple method of reprogramming the conflicting subconscious beliefs in order to remove their negative impact on the body. It is a highly effective method to achieve total alignment with the healing process.

If you have had a GSR Hand Scan there were a number of statements provided as emotional balancers for you. This is because the emotional signature of the belief behind these statements is causing a conflict within you that is stressing your body, and is quite possibly blocking an aspect of your overall healing process.

You are about to receive a remote Psyche K™ session. Please read and familiarize yourself with the information provided in this document as it is designed to augment your understanding of the process and facilitate your participation so you can get the most out of your investment in the session.

Rob Williams is the creator of the powerful and effective Psyche K™ procedure. He can be viewed doing a demonstration and giving an explanation of Psyche-K™ on the latter portion of Bruce Lipton’s video, The Biology of Perception.

The methodology for Psyche K™ is simple and effective. It is exacting in the steps required to complete the process because it is literally a reprogramming of the element of belief attached to the statement being processed. Each step is critical to the success of the results, just as reprogramming a computer requires an exact series of steps, your electrical system, which holds your subconscious beliefs, is very much like a computer.

It is important to be as relaxed as possible and free of apprehension about the process. For this reason we suggest viewing the demonstration on the video and we provide as much description here as we can.

Before your session begins, you need to understand how to, “assume the position”. This is a specific posture that disconnects the conscious control of your automatic responses and allows the subconscious response we are looking for. Your conscious mind is a powerful attribute that wants to remain in control. However, it is the subconscious belief we are working to alter. Therefore, your ability to, “assume the position” and remain there, when asked, will make all the difference in the effectiveness of the new belief alignment.

To “assume the position” you will sit or stand erect with your chin square and facing forward. Without dropping your chin, look as far down toward your toes as possible and hold your eyes in that position. You should feel as though your eyes are straining a bit to stay peering downward. This is what we call, “assume the position”.

Once you have assumed the position you will be asked to repeat some things that have opposing alignment with your belief system. You’ll be asked to say, my name is _____, using your real name, and then, my name is ____, using an incorrect name of the opposite gender. You may be asked to repeat the word, yes, yes, yes, and then the word, no, no, no. While you are saying these things we will be using Kinesiology, or muscle testing, to get a feel for your strong and weak signals. Strong when you are telling the truth and both conscious and subconscious minds are aligned. Weak when you are not telling the truth, and your subconscious mind knows something is not right.

If we were having your session in person we would be using your muscles to test your reactions and you would be able to feel the strong and weak responses. Since this will be a remote session we will be using a surrogate and let you know the results. This works because we are working with an energetic system in your body that is not limited by distance, space and time.

Having explained the basics of the way the session works, and now that you understand what to do when you are asked to, “assume the position”, you are prepared to have your session.


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