VibrantPets Kit


Promotes health and immunity. Helps maintain proper weight, shiny coat, prevents digestive disorders, bad breath and tooth decay.


Ingredients: PetPro TM A proprietary blend of over 100 strains of soil borne organisms in an amino acid base. Balance TM A fermented blend of herbs, minerals and structured water Elements TM A complete broad spectrum of plant based minerals combined with microorganisms and fermented pre-biotic blend. Recover TM Colostrum. Directions: Shake before using. Store out of sunlight, away from EMF’s. Keep between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Suggestions: Administer dietary supplements as directed on individual product labels. Clinical Notes: VibrantPetsTM products produce the best results when used in an overall maintenance program consisting of a healthy diet and the combination of supplements provided in the VibrantPetsTM Kit. This system is focused on giving your pets the closest sustenance to Nature available. We replace the missing nature based ingredients with the most natural and alive forms of supplementation we can find. All our products are electrically bio-available with no toxic load. Our clinical experience shows that sick pets will recover naturally when attention is paid to feeding them a diet natural to their specie as well as replacing the ingredients that are missing from nature. Wounds heal faster. Teeth remain healthier. Energy is increased, even in older animals. Fur and nails show obvious improvement and immunity is enhanced.


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