Transcendental GI Cleanse (150 ct)


A proprietary blend of a unique, natural electrically and biologically available form of Bentonite clay and Archaeanbacterium microorganisms for a clean, healthy GI tract, enhancing the body’s natural, innate ability to chelate toxins and rebuild immunity.


Electrical bioavailable Bentonite clay, archaeanbacterium (an enzymatic mixture of active hydrocarbon oxidizing natural single celled microorganisms in an electrical bioavailable bentonite clay base), MSM, Nettles herb, Horsetail herb, Diatomaceous earth also known as D.E. Bentonite clay consists mainly of montmorillite, a long used medicinal clay with well known benefits especially in intestinal health. The DIFFERENCE between this particular Bentonite and others available in the market is this specific type of bentonite clay has a very, very narrow moisture retention range and the average Bentonite does not have a full compliment of ocean trace elements. The exact type and location of this special bentonite clay is a well guarded secret. While the properties of bentonite are well known, ours has additional benefit in that it is blended with archaean, a microorganism meant to exist in the human gut in vast numbers and aid in digestion. The archaeanbacterium takes on the “shelflife” of the clay, so they remain dormant until consumed. This blend is electrically charged for maximum benefit and will attract toxins for elimination from the body. In fact, according to the Canadian Journal of Microbiology (2), bentonite clay can reportedly absorb pathogenic viruses, as well as herbicides and pesticides. The bentonite is eventually eliminated from the body with the toxins bound to its multiple surfaces. Archaeanbacterium is one nature’s way to rid the body of heavy metals and toxins by consuming them. Advanced use: 2-3 capsules orally every other day Maintenance: 2 capsules orally every 3 days Children: 1/2 adult dose


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