Sal de la Luz Sea Salt


Coarse, moist and imported from the coastal areas of El Salvador, free from industrialization, our Sal de la Luz is genuinely natural with nothing added and nothing left out.


Since the moist salt that had been leading the pack for so long has been compromised by the industrial leaching of lead and arsenic, it has become necessary to find another source. Since moist sea salt imparts more earth elements than any type of dry salt, it was preferable to replace it with another moist salt, so our search took us to the coastal areas of El Salvador. Genuinely natural, with nothing added, and nothing left out. Absolutely the best salt we have found on our extensive search, with many more benefits than Celtic or Himalayan. Sal de la Luz is a vital requirement for wellness. It is hard harvested and sun dried. Sea salt Analysis (partial): Chloride 50.6%,Sodium 35.5%, Magnesium .429%, Calcium .315%, Strontium .00029%, Copper .000525%, Selenium .00029%, Manganese .00017% along with 56 other trace elements. Use for all salting needs. Keep tightly sealed to retain moisture. Use freely according to taste as a flavorful condiment. Add to drinking water to mineralize the body at the rate of 1/2 tsp per gallon with 10 drops of OxyLift®. Can be used as a mineral bath.


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