Prozymes caps


To enhance enzymatic cleansing of the body take 8 to 10 at bedtime. To assist all disease recovery and for serious degenerative diseases enzyme intake can be greatly increased. In extreme cases up to 100 capsules daily can be beneficial. There is no toxic or overdose level.


The conventional American diet degrades the body’s ability to break down, process and assimilate food. Plant derived enzymes Electrically Formulated® with probiotcs to enhance catalyst activity helps reduce Candida and fungal load, helps balance intestinal flora, helps correct pH balance, blood pressure, increases brain function, and does not interfere with prescribed medicines. Prozymes work to unlock food nutrients to improve digestion, increases absorption, enhances energy, reduces flatulence, and bloating. Can also improve antioxidant activity and contribute to improved cardiovascular conditions as well as boost immunity. Supports and enhances a healthy, flourishing intestinal terrain. Very beneficial for those with compromised or sluggish digestive processes as well as those with a history of intestinal disorder. These replenish the lost enzymes that many people are unable to produce during the digestive process, or those that are destroyed by improper fermentation, or are not available because of the degraded food supply. The body cannot function without enzymatic activity. All vitamin and mineral absorption is indexed to enzyme population.


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