MannaFlora – Powder (10oz)


The one probiotic proven to keep candida in check. This BOD® strain feeds on pathogens. Since it is naturally soil borne it must be taken daily.


NEW FORMULA Now 5X the strength! The ultimate Candida fighter, this single, live microorganism creates a hostile environment against viruses, and increases antibodies to protect against them. This strain is a spore-bearing bacteria that has a casing that will easily survive the acids of the digestive processes, and so does a great deal of its work in the intestines, augmenting the immune system. It greatly enhances the efficacy of the 100+ Probiotic Solution. Beneficial after antibiotic regimen, x-rays, Cat Scan, mammogram, etc. Good for babies who have not had colostrum or breast milk, apply on the nipple, feed by fingertip or in baby food. Mix with water to form a paste for thrush, itchiness or fungal infection. Mix as a douche for vaginal yeast. For thrush/yeast/ Candida symptoms it is strongly recommended to undertake an immersion dose taking one jar per week for the first month or two or until symptoms respond. The B.O.D. strain of Bacillus Laterosporus is one of the most important finds in the natural health field in modern times. Found under the ice tundra it is one of the only bacteria that has not become mutated as a result of atmospheric nuclear testing. *These statements have not been evaluat


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