Little Hougher


Therapeutic Ancient Native American upper respiratory remedy. Kills respiratory pathogens on contact. Organic Goldenseal Root powder is pulverized and processed for inhalation according to shamanic teachings. Just shake the jar, open the lid and hough.


Earth Borne Little Hougher

is a finely ground powder made from Appalachian wildcrafted Goldenseal Root. It’s marketed primarily for its potential health benefits, particularly in treating respiratory ailments. The product is said to contain berberine, a compound found in Goldenseal, which is believed to help minimize infections.

The powder is designed to be inhaled; users are advised to shake the container to create a dust cloud within the jar, and then inhale this cloud. This method of application aligns with shamanic teachings and is claimed to be effective in directly combating respiratory pathogens.

While specific research on the product is limited, users have reported positive experiences, particularly in relation to respiratory issues like sinus infections and bronchitis. Little Hougher is described as having a mucolytic effect, helping to expel mucus secretions, and in more severe cases, it might even cause vomiting of mucus.

It’s important to note that these products have not been evaluated by the FDA, and their efficacy and safety are not officially established. They are to be used at the individual’s discretion. The product is priced at around $25.00, and it comes with a disclaimer that it’s not intended to treat any disease.

This is a powerful remedy for all respiratory ailments. It has shown a dramatic benefit when used for pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchitis, chest cold, sore throat, sinusitis and congestion, COPD, etc. Deep inhalation is necessary for maximum penetration into the lungs. Works best on direct contact with pathogens. Will produce mucolytic effect of expelling mucous secretions. Can cause vomiting of mucous load in more severe cases.


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