EB Colostrum – Powder (6.5 oz)


Advanced use: 1 rounded scoop in water, milk or protein drink. May also be mixed with other foods or beverages. Take 30 to 45 minutes before exercise.  Great immune system booster. Excellent for rebuilding gut bacteria after antibiotic treatment.


Consumption of colostrum turns on every electrical circuit at the time of birth for the newborn. As the world’s leading body electrician, Mr. Denie Hiestand states: “There simply is no better disease recovery mechanism in nature, because the colostrum contains the electrical information to tell every cell to work and how to do it.” It also supplies the perfect and complete food to ensure the cells have the energy and vitality for life. We recommend using Colostrum for all health and wellness issues. Incredible results have been reported as improvements in libido, menstrual problems, emotional imbalances, psoriasis, irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, cancer, etc. It is reported to protect against harmful viruses and bacteria reducing colds and flu, repair GI damage especially from infection, chemotherapy and medication, slows signs of skin aging, support blood sugar levels, increase fat burning capability, regulate serotonin and dopamine that can brighten moods, and on and on. Again, our extensive search led us to New Zealand where the bovine source is raised in a completely grass-fed natural environment. We KNOW that this is the best colostrum that can be obtained, anywhere.


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