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Herbal Cocktail (225 ct)
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unique combination of nature's superior herbs, electrically formulated® to enhance the body's natural ability to achieve wellness


Electrically formulated® for a safe and comfortable cleanse and detox; so harmonious to the body that it acts as healing food for the bowel. Safe and gentle yet powerful and unrelenting in its ability to clean the body completely. The electrical matrix of the Herbal Cocktail formula allows the cleansing process to take place from within the cells of the intestinal lining and bowel walls. The system is not scraped clean but rather rebuilt electrically from the inside out allowing the toxins and compressed matter to be released safely and gently. The primary action of Herbal Cocktail is not the normal hydraulic effect of other cleanses, but it has been designed to supply specific frequencies of energy to specific muscles within the colon and bowels to stimulate their ability to contract fully, thus the natural pulsing action of bowel movement is enhanced. Preferably mixed by shaking in a non-metallic container. Other natural juices can be substituted if necessary. Be prepared to change level of daily intake as this is an extremely powerful and active product. Ensure proper hydration. Long term use is recommended as the pockets of impacted material can take up to 4 years to safely clean and reconstruct. Very effective in reducing discomfort of hemorrhoids due to softening and ease of bowel movements. Best taken alone first thing in the morning 1/2 hour before other food or supplements. Formulated to be taken as a liquid due to enhanced absorbability and effectiveness over capsules. Can be slight variations in color due to seasonal fluctuations with herbs. Take 1/4 to 2 teaspoons daily or if capsules 1-4 may be taken, shaken with orange juice, on awakening. Adjust amount until experiencing 1 or more comfortable bowel movements per day. Hibiscus, psyllium husk, peppermint, licorice, cascara sagrada, Siberian ginseng, corn silk To promote healthy bowel movements, cleanse and rebuild the digestive tract. Acts as a powerful systemic (total) cleanse. Shaken into a morning drink once daily, 280 grams should provide for 2 + months

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