Exercise – Why Movement is Essential

Exercise and movement is paramount to vibrant health. We have evolved over millennium to rely on movement to stay healthy. Our lymphatic system contains over 3000 one way valves that rely solely on movement to flow, clean and operate for drainage.

While it is not necessary to work out heavily, regular movement or exercise is imperative. Half an hour two to three times a week is appropriate for most people. A few intense muscle exercises for a few minutes is highly effective for health and tone and will not produce the stiffness and soreness that can accompany many workout programs.

It is possible to exercise too much. Adrenalin and inflammatory substances can become a problem with over doing it. Short term activity serves to relieve the buildup of our fight or flight reactions to stress in life. However extended exertion will over produce cortisol, adrenalin and other hormones which are harmful to the system. Most people are so nutritionally depleted that too much exercise for too long is severely detrimental as the body requires high amounts of minerals, amino acids and energy to accomplish a workout.

If you are drawn to jogging try alternating a brisk walk with a short sprint, returning to walking briskly until you feel the urge to sprint again. This is far more beneficial for our physical design than prolonged jogging.

Elderly and those whom have been very inactive do well to walk with animation swinging the arms as they do. Or begin with a lymphaciser trampoline, just gently bouncing at first to activate the lymphatic system as easily as possible and gradually increase.


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