Diet – We Are What We Eat

When we work with our clients we address the physical body first because it is the lowest vibrating of all the bodies we occupy. In almost every case, working with the physical body first means correcting the diet, adding to the diet the elements nature provided for our health that are now missing as a result of industrialization. Then, in reviewing past and current conditions, recommending supplements to help overcome and heal the damage of degeneration from the particular lifestyle.

So, why do we eat? We do so for sustenance to maintain, heal and grow our biology. This requires energy, which is funneled through the electrical system. We eat, then, to feed our electrical system as well as the biology.

In order to feed the electrical system we need to look at eating from a different perspective than we have been taught and accustomed to. The electrical system requires the transfer of the tiny spinning spark of energy found in each morsel of live food. This is a very precise process necessitating specific conditions for the spark to be recognized and successfully transferred into the electrical system in order to fuel the body’s life force.

It is this electrical life force that powers and directs all bodily activity, so that, while we do need to provide the building blocks of amino acids and minerals, we need to provide them along with consideration for the life force that carries them. Otherwise our diet is really more toxin than food and whatever nutrition arrives where it is needed gets there more accidentally than not.

It is worth noting here that the Food Pyramid currently accepted as a healthy dietary guide actually originated as a survival diet for orphanages, prisons and mental institutions. Its purpose was to be inexpensive and provide enough nutrition to maintain life without vibrancy. In other words, to keep institutionalized people alive, but not alive enough to cause trouble for their caretakers.

Today the Food Pyramid is sponsored by the Department of Agriculture. Shall we ask ourselves what their purpose might be in prescribing a diet for humans? Perhaps it serves them in keeping the populace alive and unable to think clearly while supporting industry.

Looking back to days of old, when people had only nature’s provisions to sustain them, eating was simple, basic and full of life. Grains were eaten sparsely and when they were used they were sprouted, dried and fermented during a 2 week process in order to make them digestible. Microorganisms were balanced and plentiful and minerals were not locked in the soils as they are today. These are huge differences that are at the source of the health problems of modern people.

Modern dietary practices are very traumatic for the body. These, along with the extreme depletion of natural elements are the reasons for the current lack of resistance and recuperative powers as well as generational degeneration of biological stamina. In a laboratory experiment with cats, their diet was made to mirror that of modern society, so that, in 3 generations, the cats were producing offspring with all the maladies prevalent today in humans. Then, in reversing the trend and returning the cats to a natural healthy diet it took another 3 to 4 generations for the natural condition of health and stamina of the species to return.

Our goal is to rebuild the body through diet by correcting eating habits and supplementing what industrialization has taken out of the food chain. This greatly reduces the toxic load and allows immunity and a natural healing ability to restore. Once restored, the body is able to keep itself well and on the path to Vibrant Health. A path, that when followed, does not lead to invasive medications or treatments, but allows for an intimate knowing and enjoyment of the vibrant self, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
The dietary parameters we recommend are found on the Healthy Diet tab above.


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