Believe, Or Not To Believe, How Does “Belief” Impact Your Health

The most impactful ingredient in the matter of our health is our belief. Personal belief, of course is never really or completely personal because we are such community animals and our beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, are programmed by the continuous flow of our every experience from the moment of conception. Often what we think our beliefs to be, are not what we hold in our mind/body as our inner, creative, subconscious beliefs that manifest in what we attract into our lives, whether it be a matter of health, relationship or other experience. Many beliefs, revealed in our automatic responses to the moments of life, may or may not be aligned with our conscious thinking.

Whenever there is strong emotion and clear thought our belief is creating and manifesting for us a reality of one sort or another on all levels of existence, so that we can be in the impact of what we truly believe. We create equally with our love and our joy as we do with our fear, anger and sadness. Our bodies respond to these creations with similar vibratory expressions of vibrant health or physical malady. Interestingly, there is a direct and predictable relationship between the type of emotional belief and the tissue, system or organ that is affected. This occurs through complimentary association on the meridians of the electrical system and can be correctly balanced with a Vibrational Re-Set.

Belief drives emotion and while there are many expressions of emotion there are actually only two emotions that exist. There is love and whatever is not an expression of love is fear. Discerning how we are feeling is a tool for finding the root of belief when how we are feeling is not enhancing our health and happiness. You see, the belief holds and fires the emotion and the emotion impacts the being, physically, mentally and spiritually. When this process is fear driven we risk embedding trauma into the memory circuits in our electrical system.

Healing is a process of expansion which cannot happen in a contractive state of fear. Our best hope in this fear state is continual symptom relief. Here is where the whole concept of genetic disorders and predispositions to disease comes into play. It is not the genetics, as the genes are created by the influence of the environment, but the family environment of belief that is unconsciously conditioned into the belief patterns of each new generation.

Beliefs that impact our biology are not our conscious and chosen beliefs; they are the deep seated, underlying beliefs that make us who we are. They are often our hidden, unacknowledged beliefs about ourselves that can be so not ok with us that we often do not know that we hold them and if we do know, we feel powerless to change. They become as natural traits of personality.

There is a continual monologue we listen to within our mind which chatters a continuous reinforcement of our opinions and beliefs based on our need to survive in life as we perceive it. Most of us think this chatter is really who we are as it triggers all sorts of emotional responses we have little or no control over. However, what we do have control over is whether or not we actually listen to the chatter. It is possible to hear this chatter as an observer and then use our higher discernment to choose how we respond to what it tells us.

In our Body Electrician clinic we use a meditation CD called “Getting Out of Your Head” as a powerful tool to diffuse the emotional impact of listening to that internal monologue as if it speaks the truth. Regular use of this CD provides a training of the mind to gain the ability to mentally step away from what the survival mind is telling us without resisting or judging.

It is important to note that this chatter is a valid part of our makeup and design. It is there for our protection and when it is required it serves very well. It is just that it does not have the ability to tell if a perceived threat is a real threat, that discernment belongs to the observer. In a moment of fight-or flight our automatic responses act without the need to discern and we can trust our nature for that to be the case. In all other incidents we do well to have mastery over the constant monologue of chatter in our minds and we do this through understanding this process and using the skills learned in the CD.


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