9 Good Reasons Not to
Consume Grains

Anything in nature that produces a new plant known as grains, nuts, seeds, and tubers, are not fit foods for human consumption. There are a number of good reasons for this, namely, phytochemicals or anti-nutrients, insoluble fiber, mucous, high insulin levels and noxious gasses such as methane, probiotic die off, nourishment of pathogens, lectins, altered proteins in GMOs, gut putrification and associated toxins.

1. Phytochemicals or antinutrients are the elements in grains, nuts, seeds and tubers that are identified as protein or other nutritional factors. These nutrients are not only unavailable to us, they contain natural pesticides that affect mammals adversely by shutting off the enzyme production in the stomach for breaking down proteins and by imbalancing the reproductive glandular system causing infertility. Thus food allergies, esp. lactose intolerance.

2. Insoluble fiber. A cow has 2500 pounds of crushing pressure in its chewing, it has 3 stomachs, so a cow chews its food 4 times and digests for hours. A cow only absorbs about 25% of the nutritional content of grain. We have a tiny fraction of that chewing pressure and our digestion tank only holds what we eat for 3 to 4 hours. We do not have the abiity to obtain any more than 1 or 2 percent of the nutrition in grain. Thus our bodies have to send an indigestible goo on along the digestive process for the small intestine to manage, interfering with its natural function of absorbing nutrients.

3. The body produces undue amounts of mucous to protect itself from the natural chemicals and minimize the damage from the indigestible goo.

4. High levels of insulin are called for in the effort to break down the insoluble fiber and the goopy mess produces noxious gasses like methane which is absorbed into the body.

5. This mess causes mass probiotic die off and requires a lot of dietary fiber to plunge it through the GI tract.

6. While it kills off the friendly probiotic populations, at the same time the insulin and mucous produces an ideal environment for pathogens to flourish. Candida, fungus, bacteria and viruses love when you eat this way.

7. Lectins are elements of plant proteins that adhere to the inner intestinal walls and villi, damaging them and causing holes through the walls into the body proper. Lectins then mimic a wide range of natural body cells. When they cause havoc and damage in the body while mimicking healthy cells, the body learns to attack its own healthy cells and auto-immune conditions arise.

8. Nearly all grains, nuts, seeds, and tubers are genetically modified. They have altered proteins and consuming them causes our own proteins to be modified and we become genetically modified.

9. With the majority of probiotics killed off and the pathogens being well fed the material in the gut becomes rotten and putrid before it can be eliminated. The body absorbs a multitude of toxins and there is damage to the large intestine.