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Vibrant Health is the Remedy for ALL Disease


The Body Electrician Virtual Clinic

Our virtual clinic is dedicated to support you in your quest for Vibrant Health, well-being and conscious awareness.

This Website is designed as a vehicle to deliver information on all aspects of human health and well-being with a focus on our innate ability to grow and expand as Who We Are, individually; in our conscious awareness and ultimately our choice to become enlightened, or not.

Being human offers you a unique experience as the individual living inside your particular body. Here, we honor and encourage your authority over your own biological experience. We intend to nurture your understanding of what is natural for you, how to use nature to enhance your balance and wellness and your ability to be confident about your choices for yourself.

Our Wellness Objectives

The physical body has electrical Energy with a logical, scientific and perceivable reality. All disease, trauma, fear and adverse emotional reactions are due the relative low vibration (Energy) in the body. It is our goal to increase the vibratory (Energy) rate above and beyond the harmful frequencies, to harmony (Vibrant Health) through;

  • Biologically & Electrically correct methods, information and products to detoxify and rebuild the body on a cellular level.

  • Aiding the physical body's process to return to the Biological & Electrical harmony required for Vibrant Health.

  • Reversing the damaging effects of stress & negative sub-conscious belief, degeneration, incorrect diet and pollution.

  • Restoring the Immune, Nervous, Digestive, Structural, Endocrine, Electrical and Lymphatic systems to their correct Biological & Electrical harmony and balance

We have been helping people heal and reverse disease for over 12 years. Some of the long list of issues that we help people heal and recover from are;

Diabetes, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Chemical Poisoning, Polio, Cancer, Candidiasis (Candida), Fibromyalgia, Hormonal Imbalances, Adrenal/Thyroid Exhaustion, Sinus Issues, Rashes, Headaches, Anxiety, Brain Fog, Infertility, PMS, Digestion Disorders, Intestinal Trouble, Parasites, Lyme Disease, Allergies, Psoriasis, Asthma and other Upper Respiratory issues, Acid Reflux, Morgellons, MRSA Infections, HIV/AIDS, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Body Weight Issues, and MUCH, MUCH, MORE.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions and interests. Our office hours are between 10am-10pm EST 7 days a week.

610-417-7248 or use the contact button on the far left of the screen

Some of the services we offer are;

  • Personal Dietary Protocols

  • Wellness Enhancement Programs

  • GSR Hand Scan

  • Emotional Energy Balancing

  • Rife Technology

  • Unique Electrically Available Medicinal Mud/Clay Treatments

  • Personal Health Assessment

  • Group & Personal Empowerment Activities & Presentations

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